Lake Dragon Aquatics is a swim school and pool-based occupational therapy program run by Nykia Hunter (pictured above), swim instructor and pediatric occupational therapist.

Who am I?


My name is Nykia Hunter. I am the owner of Lake Dragon Aquatics, PLC, which provides swim instruction and pool-based occupational therapy (OT) services. 

I am a transplant to Vermont from the San Francisco Bay Area. My swimming career began at age 10 when I would volunteer my time at local pools. At 16, I began working for the YMCA as a lifeguard and swim instructor. In my late teens, I began working for Sutton Swim School as a swim instructor and supervisor. In my mid 20’s I entered graduate school to become an occupational therapist with the dream of running my own swim school and aquatic therapy program. I used to joke that I would call myself an “aquapational therapist.” Sevenyears ago, I moved to Vermont with my husband and began my career as a school-based pediatric OT. I have volunteered as a coach for the Chittenden County Special Olympics swim team, and I have occasionally provided pool-based therapy services when needed.

In March 2016, I was fortunate to become a mom to a wonderful kiddo named Ryland. In an effort to teach my own daughter to swim, I began voluntarily providing swim instruction to her and other local families. In doing this, my love for teaching rekindled and I decided it was time to pursue my dream of running a swim school and pool-based therapy program.

My training as a swim instructor, which includes specific coursework in infant and toddler instruction through the United States Swim School Association, and my experience as an OT, which includes multiple trainings in pool-based therapy, make me particularly well-suited to this task.

While my immediate goal is to begin this venture, my bigger goal is to provide this valuable service to communities that may not otherwise have access to swim instruction. I hope to do community outreach about water safety and the many benefits of swim instruction.

Thank you for checking out Lake Dragon Aquatics. I look forward to swimming with you and your child!


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