Swim Lesson Levels

Baby Dragon Class

In this class for kiddos 3 months-3 years, caregivers and their child will gain confidence in the water through play, song, and gentle introduction to swimming.

To Become a Red Dragon

-Participate in First Swim Lesson

To Become an Orange Dragon

-Swim Unsupported 5 feet with face in water

-Backfloat with only light support

-Recall Pool Safety Rules

To Become a Yellow Dragon

-Streamline swim with one pop-up breath

-Jump in, swim to side, climb out

-Independently Backfloat

To Become a Green Dragon

-Streamline Swimming with pop-up breathing 15 feet

-Roll Over Swimming 15 feet

-Tread Water 5 seconds

To Become a Blue Dragon

-Tagging Hands 15 feet with a breath

-back kick 15 feet

-Swim To bottom, return to wall

-Tread Water 15 seconds

To Become a Purple Dragon

-Tagging Hands With Side Breathing

-Backstroke one arm at a time

-Frog Kick

-Dolphin Kick

-Tread Water 30 Seconds

To Become a Rainbow Dragon

-Freestyle Basics

-Backstroke Basics

-Breast Stroke Basics

-Butterfly Basics

-Tread Water 1 minute